Oct 2020

Who does not like pomegranate ? The harder the pomegranate peel, the more delicious and sweet the fruit inside. If any person gets any disease, people advise them to take pomegranate first. Doctors also tell the patient to eat pomegranate to relieve weakness, or to get health benefits after treatment. You will also know that the use of pomegranate provides great benefits to your health, but do you know what those benefits of pomegranate are?
In Ayurveda, pomegranate has been described as a miraculous fruit, and it has also been told that, with its use, many diseases can be cured. Not only pomegranate fruit, but the whole tree is full of medicinal properties.
What is Pomegranate?
Three varieties of pomegranates are found due to differences in taste.
The native pomegranates are sour and sweet.
Kandhar pomegranates are sweet.
Kabul pomegranates are also sweet. Kabuli pomegranate consists of a very sweet pomegranate without kernels, which is called Bedana pomegranate. This is the best. Buds and peels have more properties than fruits.
According to the difference in juice, there are three types of pomegranate fruits: -
Pomegranate with sweet juice
Pomegranate with sour juice
Pomegranate with sweet and sour juice
Name of Pomegranate in Different Languages
The botanical name of a pomegranate is Punica granatum L., Syn-Punica nana Linn., Punica, spinosa Lam, and is of the Punicaceae family. Pomegranate is known worldwide by many names, which are: -Anar in-
Name of pomegranate in Hindi - pomegranate, pimples
Name of Pomegranate in English (anar meaning in english) - Apple of Grenada, Pomegranate
Name of Pomegranate in Sanskrit - Dadim, Karak, Blood Flour, Lohit Flour, Dalan
Name of Pomegranate in Gujarati - Dadam, Gulnar
Name of Pomegranate in Tamil (pomegranate benefits in tamil) - Madalai, Madulai, Madlam
Name of Pomegranate in Bengali- Dadim Gachh
Name of Pomegranate in Punjabi - Darun, Dharu, Jaman
Benefits and Uses of Anar
Here all the information about the benefits of pomegranate, methods of use, quantities etc. are given:
1. Anar Benefits in Treating Excessive Thirst in Children
If the children feel very thirsty, make powder by taking equal quantity of pomegranate, cumin, and cobra saffron. Mix sugar and honey in this powder and lick the children. It ends the thirst.]
2. Consumption of pomegranate helps in anemia and jaundice For the treatment of anemia, and jaundice disease, make syrup by mixing 750 grams of sugar in 250 ml pomegranate juice. Take it 3-4 times a day. It is beneficial in anemia, and jaundice.
Many people complain of tiredness and weakness. Such people take 20 grams fresh leaves of pomegranate, boil in 400 ml of water. When the water remains 100 ml, then drink warm milk mixed with it. This results in physical and mental weakness .
People suffering from anemia and jaundice should dry 3-6 grams pomegranate leaves under shade. Drink this powder in the morning with buttermilk made from cow's milk. Likewise, eat cheese with this buttermilk in the evening. It provides benefits in anemia, and jaundice.
3. Prevention of diarrhea by taking pomegranate
To prevent diarrhea, make 2-3 grams powder of pomegranate fruit peel. Drink it with fresh water in the morning and evening. It is beneficial in diarrhea.
Add 1 gram powder of pomegranate bark (fruit or root bark), equal amount of nutmeg powder and 250 mg saffron. Grind it and consume it with honey. The diarrhea stops.
4. Anar benefits to stop diarrhea in children
For a child who has frequent diarrhea, take fresh pomegranate buds, grind it with small cardamom seeds, and rummastagi cake. Mix sugar in it and prepare it as a paste. Licking it has special benefit in children's diarrhea, and dysentery.
5.Pomegranate Benefits to Treat Intestinal Worms
The benefits of pomegranate can eliminate stomach worms. For this, take 50 grams pomegranate root bark, Palash seed 6 grams, and Vividing 10 grams. Grind and cook in 1.25 liters of water on low flame. When the water remains half, take it down and filter it. Drink it in 50 ml quantity for half an hour. By using it, stomach worms are eliminated.
Dry the leaves of pomegranate under the shade and grind it finely. Sieve it Drink 3 to 6 grams of it in the morning with buttermilk, or with fresh water. By using it, stomach worms are eliminated.
6. Pomegranate Juice Benefits in Baldness Treatment in Hindi
In the case of hair loss, or baldness, take juice of fresh green leaves of pomegranate. Add 100 gm pomegranate paste and half a liter mustard oil. Cook this oil and sieve it. Apply it on the hair. This stops hair fall, baldness problem is overcome.
7. Pomegranate Benefits in Treating Facial Scars
Stains on the face are a common problem. Many people are troubled by this. Women have more complaints than men. If you are also troubled by facial freckles, then you can benefit from the use of pomegranate. Mix 100 gm pomegranate leaves paste and half a liter mustard oil in the juice of fresh green leaves of pomegranate. Cook this oil and sieve it. Massaging with this oil has good facial, freckle, and dark spots (pomegranate benefits).
8. Pomegranate Fruit Benefits in Mouth Ulcers Treatment
Use of pomegranate is beneficial in the problem of mouth blisters. Boil 25 grams of pomegranate leaves in 400 ml of water. When water is left one-fourth, rinse with it. It also cures mouth ulcers, and other diseases.
Make powder of pomegranate bark. Mouth blisters are cured by rubbing it in the mouth, or rinse with a decoction of blast water.
9. Use of Pomegranate in swelling of the extremities
Pomegranate can be taken if swelling in hands and feet. Grind 10-12 fresh pomegranate leaves and apply them on the soles of the palm and feet. It cures swelling of hands and feet, and problems of water in hands and feet.
10. Pomegranate Benefits in Treating Skin Disease
The use of pomegranate is also very beneficial in skin diseases. Boil 250 grams fresh leaves of pomegranate in 5 liters of water and prepare a decoction for it. Bathing with this decoction cures skin diseases related to urticaria
11.Use of Pomegranate to make the breasts shapely
Many women take a variety of measures to make the breasts shapely. The benefits of pomegranate are also found in it. For this, take equal amount of pomegranate leaves, peels, flowers, raw fruits, and root bark. Grind it coarsely. Soak it in double vinegar, and four times rose water. After four days, add mustard oil to it and cook on low heat. When the oil remains a little, then filter it and fill it in the bottle. Massage the breasts daily with this oil. This removes the laxity of the breasts, and makes the breasts shapely. It also cures facial wrinkles.